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First 1000 days of infant: Manjari Chandra explains

All that your baby needs for overall growth, says nutrionist Manjari Chandra, is healthy food, rich in macro and micro nutrientsNew mothers know that feeding a baby is probably the toughest task they go through. The baby rejects food more often than anything else but it’s crucial to ensure that they get the right nutrition from the right sources.
What you must know about these days:·In the first 1000 days, your baby grows more food than the rest of their life.·In the first year alone, your baby’s weight triples and height increases by 50%.·A staggering 80% of their brain and cognitive development is complete by their second birthday, with their brain size tripling from birth to two years.·Babies are born with immature immune systems and it takes up to two years to strengthen it.
Some developments are visible and some are not. With everything happening in these 1000 days, it’s the food that becomes the decisive factor in their sound growth. The right kind of food is made up of macro nutr…

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